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Copy video URL from browser and paste it here, hit red button. Search Youtube videos here.
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Youtube mp3 converter step by step tutorial:

  • STEP 1: find video on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit or Twitter that you want on your device as mp3 file, copy the link and head over here to Youtube mp3.
  • STEP 2: paste video link into the search box, press red button and wait while we look up the video and check if it can be converted to mp3, maybe 5-10 sec.
  • STEP 3: mp3 converter big green button will load then, press it to download mp3 file. If mp3 cannot be extracted, there will be a link to download video file.
  • Convert Youtube videos to mp3 & download

    Youtube mp3 converter is finally here, it's tough and reliable. It's secure and safe for use. It helps you avoid visiting Youtube, with all the tools available here. It's just an awesome way to convert any Youtube video to mp3, and if also desired - to mp4 and other formats. Check it out, look around.. We're sure you'll know what to do quite soon. Here's what our site can do (and is good at):

    Search Youtube

    Youtube mp3 converter offers Youtube search rigth from the input box above, just start typing text and our smart suggestion finder will never let you finish typing how annoying it is with awesome search tag suggestions.

    Convert Youtube

    After searching Youtube, feel free to convert Youtube video to mp3. Our super cool Youtube mp3 converter adds video thumbnail as mp3 icon (album art) and mp3 ID tags get populated with video artist, title, etc.

    Download Youtube

    If mp3 is not possible or not wanted, then maybe video download is what you're after? Download Youtube video here as mp4 or webm file, multiple quality options, video dimension and file size. Pick one for you and download.

    ...not on Youtube

    And all of this is happening right here, or in our own app. So you don't even have to visit overbloated Youtube website full of ads, silly video suggestions and all other cool features to get you to keep watching videos.

    Download Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit as mp3

    Yes, it's Youtube mp3 first, but also FB, IG, TW & reddit second. These 4 sites have great videos which ofter have awesome audio, especially Instagram, did you know? Check it out, there's lots of cool short music clips on Instagram, and here we have a great Instagram mp3 converter... Try it out.. But otherwise you can download videos from these 4 websites right here. And as a bonus, we can help download video and audio from somewhat 300 more websites and social networks (with video and/or audio). That is not a joke, simply copy-paste video URL from browser address bar into the search box on Youtube Mp3, and you will see a possible refusal to do the mp3 but with an offer to help you download video, or find audio of other formats... Click that button to continue and download videos from quite a few hundred of websites and platforms.

    Youtube Mp3 free web-app

    Add to Home Screen

    Another cool feature that will help you remember Youtube mp3 converter and how to find your way here is to install our free web-app. It's fast and web based, so needs no room on your device. It will never download anything extra, it even doesn't need any updates. It's the coolest Youtube mp3 converter app out there. Supported by Android and Windows devices, just touch the add to home screen button and browser will offer to install the app (maybe not the best on Apple devices). Technically the web-app is this website, so whenever you'll be opening the app, in reality you will be visiting Youtube Mp3, so all features are included.

    Fast access with bookmark

    Download Mp4

    If you are old enough, you may have used desktop or laptops computers. Remember there is such thing as browser bookmarks? Well, here's one right above. Simply drag and drop it to your browser's bookmarks bar, and you're all set. Next thing you're on Youtube watching a video you'd like to download, - press this button (in bookmarks). New browser tab will open and Youtube mp3 will load with the video you were watching already in the search box and download button right there waiting for you. This bookmark has a bit of js code that helps pass the video link to Youtube mp3 website, simply saving you the hassle of copying and pasting it yourself.